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Matt and Ashley

This is Danica, my girl ring bearer. Matt and I have decided that we don't want a flower girl because it's an outdoor wedding and there are going to be enough flowers and foliage outside.

We are going to have two ring bearers. Danica and her brother Axel. Axel is going to be wearing the same tux as the guys are. He has to wait until he gets fitted and then when the day comes, which is only 111 days away, he gets to wear it! :)

Some things are changing for the wedding, we have a different groomsman, well groomsgirl, Caitlin! :) Caitlin is Matt’s youngest sister and we wanted to get her involved in the wedding. No, she isn’t wearing a tux, she is going to be wearing a long brown dress that matches the tuxes, brown. I am super excited for this!

The other thing is the shoes are changing, the bridesmaids weren’t able to get their size for the first shoes so we found some that are very similar, still brown and still flats, but with a bit more style. My shoes, ugggg the first pair that I picked out were really cute in the picture, but when I got them and put them on they were super ugly and didn’t fit right. Now I have to find other ones.

Invitations are all finished and in the envelopes, waiting for a few more addresses and then we are going to be sending them out sometime next month! :)

Bri and Kevin booked their flight for the wedding!

Woo Hoo things are finally coming together!

So last night, I booked our honeymoon.

We were just going to go to Seattle for a couple of days to get away, but Kasey had a great idea...cruise!! So I looked and looked and finally found one that was rather inexpensive. I asked Matt what he thought about going on a cruise and he thought that it was going to be way more money so he said "Just book it!" So, I DID!

We booked a 4 night with the Carnival Cruise line to Mexico!!!

Food is free! They have SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmm....

We are leaving from PDX to go to LAX and then from there we get on the boat and 1st stop is in Cali second stop in in Mexico and the final day we are just on the boat! :):):):):) If you could really tell I am super excited!!!

So I think I figured out who is going to be doing my hair. Her name is Emily and she works in vancouver with one of my friends from Costco. She is the least expensive and she is good :) Her salon is called Bliss Salon & Spa. If you want more info just let me know! :) I will post pictures when I finally figure out a hair style.

For the bridesmaids we are using one of Lydia's friends, Jessica. She is a sweet girl and inexpensive too! :)


So after weeks and weeks and 6 grueling hours yesterday looking for a couple pairs of shoes I finally found some online. I found ones for me :) and ones for the bridesmaids. The best part? All of them are under $15. That's right! I RULE! :)

That's one more thing I can check off my list! :)

What's next....finalizing hair and makeup plans... I have a couple people in mind, but I am trying to find the one that will do my hair for the least money, but still look good :)

My sister and I are going to the Portland Bridal Show this weekend at the Expo Center (I think). I know i have most of it done, but there are a few things I need ideas for...

Woo Hoo!